It will be helpful to follow a clean diet before any
important prayer or before prayer and fasting.
Many spiritual belief systems believe that eating
right will elevate the spirit and strengthen prayer.
For example, the Shao-lin monks would eat no
animal products. In China they have “Jai” which is
“monk’s food”. In Japan, they have “shojin ryori”
which is “spiritual development meals”. In Christianity
in the book of Daniel, a meatless diet seemed to
elevate Daniel’s spirit. (see below) This type of diet is described
in the book at all proceeds from
the sale of this book go to support this prayer effort.

In the book of Daniel, an Old Testament story of the Holy Bible, Daniel and his friends consumed a plant-based diet for 10 days.  At the end of this time, he and his friends were judged to be healthier-looking and 10 times smarter than those who ate rich food from the King’s table.  Daniel later was able to save the lives of King Nebuchadnezzar’s advisors by giving the King an interpretation of his dreams.  Daniel pointed out that he was able to receive the interpretation that came from God.   No one can say for certain that his diet helped to open his spiritual connection to God, but who can say that the diet did not help? – Dr. Terry Shintani

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